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Tumours Of The Breast And Their Treatment And Cure By Medicine

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In common with a certain small number of other practitioners of scientific medicine indifferent parts of the world, the author has long been in the habit of treating tumours of various parts of the body by medicines, and that with great success. He discusses a case when, a few days since, a young girl was sent to a hospital for operation for a small mammary tumour that he is quite sure could have been cured by medicines, he felt it to be his imperative duty at once to bring his own views and experience more prominently to the fore, and the more so as our knife-menour surgical carpenters — are waxing bolder and bolder every day, and the very excellences of aseptic and anaesthetic surgery are fast running legitimate medicine to the ground, and with it our common humanity.

This book is a very informative and instructive work that eases the difficult task of understanding the tumors of breasts in order to treat them homeopathically. The author has given his experience of treating tumors of various parts of the body by homeopathic medicines with great success. He felt it to be his imperative duty to during his views and experiences prominently to the front for the benefit of our common mankind. It contains some of his most difficult case histories that are very valuable.

What to find in the book?

– Description of the various kinds of tumors of the breast is given along with etiology.

– Indications of useful homeopathic medicines are mentioned as well.

-Many clinical cases of different tumors of the breasts along with the treatment given

Not only Dr Burnett has discussed about the tumors in women but also has discussed a case of tumor in the breast of a man. This book does not leave a single amount of information about the tumor of breast. A complete book on the topic of tumors to have in our shelves.


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