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The Homoeopathic Treatment Of Children

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There is at present a great necessity for intonation on the homoeopathic treatment of children. We do not actually have enough literature on the subject apart from Borland’s booklet which is quite good but not sufficient for the needs of our time. Paul Herscu’s book goes further than any other homoeopathic book in giving detailed information which will be very useful to any practitioner who treats children. It is the first modern pediatric Materia Medica. This book represents a significant step forward in helping practitioners who treat children to understand the importance of seeing the integration of body and mind, the developmental aspects of each, and their manifestation in health and disease. This book will be a great aid to pediatric practice for his writings will enable to see, hear, smell, taste and experience each of the major childhood constitutional types.

This book is a compelling description and impressively practical guide to the use of homoeopathic medicines in treating underlying health problems of children. Herscu’s clear and vivid depictions of these constitutional types will help anyone understand children more deeply and help to cure more completely. 

A book of extraordinary vision and the most absorbing account to offer the emergence of a pediatric prescribing constitutionally.


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