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Schwabe Hair Growth Oil

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The richness of Arnica Montana,Jaborandi,Sabal Serrulata & Olive Oil, Its Non-Sticky, Nourishes scalp, Makes hair soft, Repairs damaged hair due to pollution/heat/dyes, Contains natural antioxidant

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B& T Hair Growth Oil is a carefully selected formula for the healthy growth of hair. It enhances the blood circulation of the scalp area and is also helpful in cases of premature greying and hair fall. For best results, use it along with B&T Arnica Shampoo.

Presentation: Available in 200 ml

* Arnica Montana has had a repute for years as a means of stopping hair fall. It is known to produce growth of hair when used locally. It has antimicrobial/antibacterial action. Promotes local circulation.
* Jaborandi has a favourable influence in cases of alopecia. If continued over a prolonged period it restores the original colour of grey hair, which is helpful in premature graying.
* Sabal serrulata has been scientifically proven to be useful in androgenic alopecia
* Olive oil is one of the best local emollients
* Non-sticky, nourishes scalp, makes hair soft, repairs damaged (pollution/heat) hair
* Ideal for daily use for coloured hairs.

Direction Of Use

Apply the oil on hair and scalp, massage gently in a circular motion, let the oil remain for at least two hours and then wash with B& T Arnica shampoo for best results

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