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Schwabe Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops

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Eye Drops

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Original CMS eye drops are now ALCOHOL-FREE!

As you are aware, the brand Schwabe is synonymous with Cineraria maritima eye drops. Cineraria maritima eye drops from Schwabe have been available in the market for over a century. When the technology of cataract-removal surgery was very rudiment, CMS eye drops were a boon to millions of patients. It was prescribed by both homoeopaths and ophthalmologists in the country.

Schwabe Group has been dynamic since its inception in 1866. It withstood all the odd times for more than 150 years because of adopting new technologies from time to time in combination with traditional methods. It has never shied away from implementing market feedback and its genuine requirement. Of late, we have received feedback from our customers to have our original CMS eye drops ‘Alcohol-Free’. Based on such feedback, our technical and medical teams in Germany and India worked together to bring an “Improved Formulation” without “Irritation”. It is fortified with Glycerinum 1X for a lubricating effect having added advantage in “Dry Eye Syndrome”. While improving the formulation, quality, efficacy, and safety were kept the top priority. The team was convinced only after rigorous stability studies for years.

This new pack has been denoted with the words ‘ALCOHOL FREE’, big and bold. We understand that there may be queries and doubts in the minds of end users when such a change is seen. To check the originality, we added a QR Code to the pack to enable and empower the users to check the product’s originality by scanning it through mobile phones. It will land on this web page. We once again assure you that this new CMS Eye Drops ALCOHOL FREE is from the original manufacturer, Schwabe.

Keep trusting your Original CMS Eye Drops, as always!

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