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Psychiatry Remedies Materia Medica & Repertory

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Psychiatry has always been an integral part of Homeopathy. A definitive way for the study of Psychiatry remedies has never been provided at one place. The aim of this book is to present all the work of Dr. J.P. Gallavardin dealing with the psychic treatment of all the human tendencies, in a word to edify a compendium of all his researches and realizations. It includes plastic medicine, observations and repertory of 64 homeopathic medicines for developing, thinking, modifying & modeling some parts of the body.

The book Repertory of psychic medicines with material medica is written by Dr.Jean Pierre Gallavardin. It is translated from the original French & second edition corrected by Raj Kumar Mukherji. M.A [French]  LHMS. The original notes, manuscripts &publications are collected & arranged by Dr. Emm Gallavardin.

Layout of the book-

The book contains an introduction & three chapters –

1. Plastic medicines

2. Pathogenesis of psychic medicines

3. Repertory of psychic medicines

The introduction contains a quote of Georges Duhamel & extract from work ‘The medicine judged by the doctors’ by Guyard. All medicinal substances produce some psychic & somatic symptoms. Dr, J.P Gallavardin researched in psychic manifestation of remedies.

-As per say about Plastic medicines, they are the medicines, which modifies some parts of the body as regards their formations & color. Plastic medicines can be found out by pathogenetic experiments on healthy men or clinically on patients by the medicines having an elective action on parts of the body to be modified. Plastic medicines increase the plumpness of parts by increasing the nutrition, disappears the folds & wrinkles by repletion of tissues, diminishes the plumpness by diminishing the nutrition, gives colour by causing the flow of blood. Twenty-one cases are given with medicines.

§  Breasts almost disappeared – Iodum 200

§  Breasts not developed – Ignatia 200

§  Obesity of belly –Nux vomica 200

§  Deformed breasts after feeding or delivery – puls, bry, bell, merc vivus

§  Breasts too big – Nux 200


-The 2nd chapter tells about the Pathogenesis of Psychic Medicines

64 medicines are given with their symptoms. It includes two groups of pathogenesis. One is collected out of different repertories of homoeopath authors. Others are developed by the help of personal experience. Symptoms are given in 4 typographies. [Capitals, bold roman, italics, roman] Under some drugs, symptoms from materia medica pura with page numbers are given.

-Last chapter tells about the Repertory of psychic medicine

It contains symptoms related to the mental sphere. Rubrics are arranged in alphabetical order. Rubrics & sub rubrics are given in ordinary roman. Cross references are given as a separate line after medicines in parenthesis. Medicines are given in following typography [bold capital, bold roman ordinary roman. Along with some medicine potency, duration of action, and follow up remedies are given. In the last part of the repertory, a repertory for psychic symptoms of animals is given.

This book proves to be a useful one as mental symptoms, which are not found in other repertories, are seen covered here. It also has a repertory for psychic symptoms of animals which is a unique feature. Some medicines are also provided with duration of action & potency.


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