New Heights (Volume -1 ) – Mcq’S Book For Homeopaths



“Work hard in silence let success make the noise”
Note: VOLUME 1 covers the information of Materia Medica, Repertory, Anatomy, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, SPM, Physiology & Biochemistry. Study material is provided in the starting and then question papers are solved giving explanation and reference of each answer.

Three things are very necessary for an aspirant to achieve his goal and these are:


After strong determination and proper planning, execution is the most important and practical step to get the goal. Fruitful execution needs HARD WORK & PERISTENCY along with PROPER GUIDANCE. PROPER GUIDANCE can be obtained from a good coach or teacher or a TRUSTWORTHY BOOK. The whole planning and hard work will be futile if the aspirant is not following reliable study materials with standard references. A reliable book is like a sharpen axe which will help to cut the wood or reach the goal easily in comparison to the axes of uneven edge. Though several books are already available for competitive examinations in the market, not many books are available which provide the material for both homoeopathic and allied subjects with equal emphasis. Main objective is to provide more authentic, accurate and appropriate information from genuine sources. You will not find anything in this book that is not substantiated or referred from genuine sources. Along with the objective type questions, answers and explanations this book provides lots of notes from genuine references which will enhance the fundamental understanding of the students and will practically help a student to answer several similar questions. This book comes as a savior for all the aspirants.

• It provides improved, arranged and enriched content in a systematic manner with valuable information along with the latest question papers and their answers asked in various competitive examinations till date.

• The book contains precise, self-sufficient & up to date study materials in Homoeopathy, Medicine and allied health sciences.

• 34 sets of question papers have been solved from UPSC and different state PSC & MD homoeopathic entrance examinations, including most of the latest question papers.

• Explanations have been provided under almost all the questions for easy understanding and better comprehension.

• Extra notes have been added under most of the questions.

• New Heights contains a lot of study materials with potential questions for future examinations and not just the questions of previous years.

• Most importantly the references for answers, notes and explanations are mostly taken from gold standard authentic books; only a few are from different reliable journals and websites.

• More than 200 books have been referred in this process.

• Includes GPSC (Associate Professor/Reader/Professor) 2019, OPSC (MO) 2019, CBRT (MO/RO/GDMO) 2020, AIAPGET-2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 question papers.

DR. AMULYA RATNA SAHOO is working as research Officer (Hom) under Govt. of India. Previously he has worked as a Homeopathic medical officer in Govt. of Odisha. He has completed his BHMS from Dr. Abhin Chandra Homeopathic Medical College, Bhubhaneshwar and he was the silver medalist. He has completed his MD (Hom) from JSPS Homeopathic College, Hyderabad. Presently continuing his PhD. Moreover, he has authored 2 books, Understand People Through their Temperament and Decoding the Rubrics of Mind.

Dr. Samaresh Chandra Mishra is very talented, brilliant and enthusiastic Homeopathic Physician. He has ranked 5th position in the OPSC (HMO) entrance exam 2016 and working as a Homeopathic Medical Officer under Govt. of Odisha. During the short period of his life as a homeopath he has treated many complicated patients. He has authored 2 books, Understand People Through their Temperament and Decoding the Rubrics of Mind.

Dr. Bidya Barik was a very bright and intelligent student in his career. He has ranked the 7th position in OPSC (HMO) entrance examination 2016 and working as a Homeopathic Medical Officer (HMO) under Govt. of Odisha and serving the suffering people for more than seven years. He has already worked as JRF (H) in CCRH, Govt. of India .


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