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Milk Aid Drops

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To boost milk

The reduction in the milk yield in your farm animal can be a matter of serious concern. Under normal situations, milk production increases during the first six weeks of lactation and then gradually decreases. The actual amount of milk produced during the lactation period is affected by several factors:

  • Breed, Parity
  • Season of calving, Geographic region
  • Management factors (nutrition, frequency of milking)
  • Environmental factors include climate, feed and accommodation

Milk also depends on the diet, cattle’s health, and milk handling. At times, they tend to refuse to give milk when their calf dies or there is a feeling of indifference. The general health of cattle is also a main concern when dealing with low quantity and quality of milk yield.

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COMPOSITION: Alfalfa 30, Calcarea carbonica 30, Phosphorus 30, Lecithin 30, Lac caninum 30, Carbo animalis 30, Janosia ashoka 12x, Carica papaya 12x, Calcarea phosphorica 12x.

INDICATIONS: To boost milk production and refusal to let down milk due to death of calf or indifference to him. Delayed lactation in animals.

DOSAGE: 15-20 drops 3 times a day.

Course– To be given for 3-5 days or as per the severity of conditions.

You may repeat the course if required.



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