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Gum Forte Gel Toothpaste

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The first homoeopathic Tooth paste in Gel form

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About Fourrts Homeopathy Gumforte Gel

Fourrts Gumforte Gel is the first homeopathic toothpaste in gel form and is indicated for stronger teeth and healthy gums. A medicated toothpaste with well-known homeopathic herbs like Plantago for dental health

Indications: Plaque, Gum Bleeding, Tartar, Tooth Decay, Bad Breath, Tooth Germs & Bacteria, Tooth Sensitivity, Pyorrhoea, and Toothache.

Fourrts Gumforte Gel Ingredients: Fourrts Gumforte Gel is composed of homeopathic ingredients like Plantago Q, Kreosotum Q, and Calendula Q, each having a beneficial action on the tooth and gums

The action of individual ingredients in Gumforte Gel:

  • Plantago is an anti-inflammatory for toothache, swollen gums, and caries
  • Calendula is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic in dental conditions,
  • Kreosotum Q is medically known for ailments affecting the mucus membranes and therefore helpful in gum problems.

Additional Information:

Application Brush twice daily, especially after food
Manufacturer Fourrts India Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Form Gel
Size 100 gm tube

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