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Find Your Remedy- all illustrated homeopathic guide

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This book is an A to Z guide for all who want to learn homeopathy. This book is unique as it contains knowledge about medicines, diseases, illustrations to explain dietary recommendations and basic facts which make reading much more interesting. To make this book much more useful, potencies along with dosage has also been added with each remedy which saves the time of the physicians from studying the vast materia medica and repertory.

Remedies have been arranged alphabetically, making it an easy reference. Methods of surgery have also been included and has compared the conventional treatment with the homeopathic treatment at places.

The third edition includes new chapters such as: Adultry, Adrenalitis, Athlete’s foot, Autism, Chlorosis, Pelvic Floor Prolapse, Vulvodynia etc with new illustrations.

A book written for the benefit of the new practioners of homeopathy and laymen who are interested to learn homeopathy and treat the common ailments of their family and themselves.

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