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Dr. Reckeweg R40 Diabetes Drop

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R40 Diabetes Drop, homeopathic medicine for diabetes by Dr. Reckeweg, aids in regulating excessive thirst, maintaining liver health, and regulating blood sugar levels in the body. R40 also aids in regulating urine sugar levels, reduces inflammation, and alleviates chronic fatigue.
Key Benefits

Acidum phosphoricum can help with thirst, sexual impotence, and psychic depression
Arsenicum album helps relieve weakness and progressive exhaustion
Phaseolus nanus is beneficial for sugar in urine and irregular cardiac action
Secale cornutum eases thirst, prickles and paresthesia

Key Ingredients

Acidum Phosphoricum
Carbo vegetabilis
Arsenicum album

How To Use

As a prolonged cure, 10-15 drops with a bit of water before meals three times daily
After some improvement, reduce the dose to twice daily

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