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Condensed Materia Medica

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This work has been prepared to give in a condensed form, to the students of homeopathy, such absolute necessary material as would enable him, in a comparatively short time, to gain knowledge of such imprtant leading symptoms and conditions as are characteristic of each remedy – knowledge which is imperatively necessary for everyday practice.

The material for this work has been culled from the manusctipt and other material collected for a much larger work on verified and important symptoms, viz., ” Guiding symptoms,” on which many years of careful research have been bestowed.

The book consists of about 209 remedies , somewhat of a preview of what Hering created in his Guiding Symptoms.

The symptoms of each remedy are divided into 48 sections with cross- reference and characteristic symptoms.

Fore runner of Hering Guiding Symptoms (10 Volumes) , this book was prepared with the help of his students Farrington and Korndoefer.


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