RheumatismUseful in rheumatism.




Indications: Shooting and stabbing pains in the joints of legs or arms, worse at night. Fever, lumbago, sciatica, muscular rheumatism.


Rheumatism is grouped with other conditions of collagen diseases such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibrositis (non-articular rheumatism)

Modern terminology favours the term as Disorders associated with autoimmune phenomena. It also covers serious conditions like rheumatic fever, which is grouped along with cardiac diseases, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), polyarteritis nodosa (PAN), scleroderma, dermatomyositis and serum sickness, which require higher skills and specialised training to manage. Bioplasgen/Biocombination 19 is used along with specific medicines.

The clinical concept of autoimmune disease is based upon the identification of antibodies present in serum and having an affinity for some human tissue. They belong to a complex family of immunoglobulins (lg). Bioplasgen/Biocombination 19is of help in wide variety of autoimmune diseases.

The term arthritis is used to describe changes in the joints which may be inflammatory or degenerative or both. The cause of the condition is unknown. Occasionally septic fever is present. The term rheumatoid arthritis which is more common in females, 25 years and above, is specially used for painful swelling of the small joints of fingers which develop a typical spindle shape. As it progresses bigger joints like wrists, ankles, elbows and knees become involved. Polyarthritis is normally symmetrical in distribution. Ankylosing spondylitis is chronic arthritis affecting spines and is a troublesome painful condition more common in men. Bioplasgen/Biocombination 19 is of help in arthritis.

Osteo-arthritis is a chronic condition where degenerative changes in cartilage take place effecting large joints like the hip, knee or shoulder of the age group 40-60 years. Relief occurs to some extend through the use of Bioplasgen/Biocombination in these cases.

Occurrence of tubercular, gonococcal lymphoarthritis of children (still disease) has also been reported where apart from Bioplasgen/Biocombination 19 specific target medicine will be needed.

Inflammations of muscles (myositis) or of connective tissues (fibrosites) are painful conditions. Yet another cause of pain is exertion, cramping and exhaustion of muscles. In rheumatism the muscular pain is generalised lowering the functional efficiency of the person. Bioplasgen/Biocombination 19 covers all these conditions.

Composition: Ferrum phosphoricum 3x, Kalium sulphuricum 3x, Magnesium phosphoricum 3x, Natrum sulphuricum 3x in equal proportion.

Proven indication of the ingredients within the claimed sphere of action:

Ferrum phosphoricum: Itis indicated for articular rheumatism, rheumatic pain in the shoulder, stiff neck, and pains extending to the chest, wrist and back. It also covers malaise and febrile conditions.

Kalium sulphuricum: It is specifically indicated for shifting wandering pains, and pain in the nape, back and limbs. Symptoms are worse in a warm room and better in the open air. The drug covers the secondary stage of inflammation, headache which may or may not be of rheumatic origin.

Magnesium phosphoricum: Itis good for cramps in calves, sciatica, darting pains (localised sharp pains) twitching, writers and players cramps, tetanic spasm, weakness in arms and hands, and fingertips are stiff and numb. It is also useful in general muscular weaknesses. It’s known for antispasmodic pains and muscular and neuralgic pains.

Natrum sulphuricum: It covers oedema, itching, burning, restless pain in limbs, stiffness of knees, cracking joints, pain in hip joints and for rheumatism worse in damp cold weather. It is otherwise known as liver remedy and to great extent also relieves gout, which is sometimes confused in the initial stage with rheumatism.

Contra-indication: Nil. It is a safe, non-toxic, non-addictive drug, and can be used along with other medicines if needed.

Dosage: Adults 4 tablets, children 2 tablets, at a time, four times a day at intervals of three hours.

Presentation: Tablets of 100 mg in bottles of 20g.


Alcohol: There is no reported safety concern if it is taken with alcohol.

Pregnancy: It is safe to take during pregnancy.

Driving: It is safe to use during driving.

Breastfeeding/Lactation: It can be used while breastfeeding.

Kidney: There is no known contraindication with kidney diseases.

Sugar: It does not affect blood sugar levels.

Immunity: It will not affect the immunity of an individual.

Liver: It is safe for the liver.

High blood pressure/Hypertension: It is safe to use in patients with hypertension.

Low blood pressure: It will not lower the blood pressure.

Heart: It does not contain any ingredient which will affect the heart.

Mentally retarded: There is no known contraindication with mentally retarded persons.

Post covid impacts: There is no known contraindication with post covid impacts.

Diarrhea: It will not cause any diarrhea.

Gastric: There are no known effects on the gastrointestinal system.

Empty stomach: It is preferably to be taken after a meal.

Skin allergy: There is no skin allergy when using Biocombination No.19.

Habit: It is not a habit-forming product.

Overdose: In case of overdose, drinks lots of water or consult a physician.

Storage: It has to be stored in a cool dark place, away from sunlight and strong-smelling substances.

Temperature: The temperature should be 25 degrees centigrade.


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