Bakson’s Arnica Shampoo


Sunny Herbals Arnica shampoo for hair fall control is a potent Arnica shampoo with extra conditioners that fights dandruff and moisturizes each strand for thicker, softer, healthier hair.

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About Bakson’s Arnica Shampoo:

Baksons Arnica shampoo is the only leading shampoo that contains the extracts of exotic plants of arnica, along with china and cantharis. A unique formula with nutritive properties that helps control the falling of hair and dandruff, gently and naturally besides bringing back moisture and shine to hair.


Water, Sodium laureth sulfate, Coco diethanolamine, Gal silk 700, S.L.S liquid, Coco amido propyl betaine, Coco mono Ethanolamide, Glycerin, Parabens, Di-sodium E.D.T.A, Ethoxylated lanolin, Citric Acid, CI 19140, Fragrance and Extracts of arnica, china and cantharis.

Mode of action of main ingredients in Baksons Arnica Shampoo

  • Arnica flowers are a storehouse of goodness, it contain carotenoids (for producing Vitamin A in the body), flavonoids (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties), inulin, and essential oil of thymol (antiseptic), sesquiterpene lactones (antimicrobial active plant chemicals). Arnica Montana Arnica provides antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and decongestive properties in topical form.
  • Cantharis is a homoeopathic remedy obtained from the insect Lytta, Cantharis has very good to control hair fall especially .during confinement and lactation with much dandruff.

Baksons Arnica shampoo is also pH balanced shampoo which keeps hair fresh leaving them soft, lustrous and healthier, with a fragrance that’s fresh.

Manufacturer Baksons Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd
Form Liquid
Application Massage into wet hair and scalp. Lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat. Gentle enough for daily use.

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