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Bach Flower Remedies For A Happy And Balanced Life

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“Bach Flower Remedies for a Happy and Balanced Life”

For me, it was an exciting moment when I first discovered Bach flower remedies. I wanted to know everything there is about this gentle healing system. So, at that time, I ordered as many books as I could find, to be able to study about the flower remedies on my own. The books were a source of learning for me when I was starting to use Bach flower remedies for myself and my family. So, even then I said that one day I would write a book on Bach flower remedies myself. My idea was to write a book in such a style that would be applicable to everyone, of every level of knowledge and experience. I wanted to give an overview of the system to those who are reading about the remedies for the first time, by explaining each flower remedy in a simple way. But at the same time, I wanted to share my expertise on the remedies, so that even those who are already using flower remedies in their practice, could benefit from reading my book. I added many examples and overviews of similar remedies, with clear differentiation between them. I used examples from my practice any my personal life to give the readers useful stories of positive outcomes achieved with flower remedies. This is my contribution to the literature on Bach flower remedies. Also, I added a list of applications in today’s modern world. As we are using social networks for communication more and more in our daily life, I prepared a list of common situation where you can recognize a certain remedy by seeing someone’s style of virtual communication.

My other contribution is addition on how to cope with the pandemic, as well as earthquakes, as these were two situations we were struggling here in Croatia, while I was writing my book. So I wanted to leave a mark in history about this time, of 2020, which was a very challenging time for all of us in the world.

The style of my writing is such that you would feel as if I am talking to you, as if you are sitting in one of my courses on Bach flower remedies. You can hear me talking to YOU, as the intention of this book is to help every individual, who would get comfort and help even while reading this book. I shared many of my personal stories in this book, of myself, my family, and my children. So, you will get to know my personal journey with Bach flower remedies. What I truly hope this book will achieve, is an inspiration to those who think they are stuck in their life, who feel hopeless and helpless. I wanted to present examples and information about the remedies, where you would realize that help is possible, that change is possible. And above all, I wrote my own story on how I found Bach flower remedies and how I decided to change my career and to devote my time to a new career in teaching, writing and consulting on Bach flower remedies and homeopathy. This is what makes this book special. It is the book that will always be there for you in difficult times, and will always provide hope and solution to your problems. It is the book that will encourage you to start studying about Bach flower remedies, and to start applying them for yourself, your family, your clients and patients.

My publisher of English edition said to me: “This book is written from the heart, and this is why I wish to publish it.” Yes, it is written from the heart! It is written to bring help, hope, joy, inspiration, and positive change into your life.
I hope you will enjoy reading this book!

From Anita Moorjani’s foreword:

After my own experience with illness and subsequent understanding of why I became ill, it became important for me that physical symptoms are treated from their root cause, instead of only managing physical symptoms through pharmaceuticals. So, over the years, as I dealt with the various ailments that befall our human bodies, Ana became my ‘go to’ person to ask about which remedies would best be suited for me.

Message for homeopaths from my introduction:

In the introductory part I often mention homeopathy as part of my journey and what I do. Let us remember that Dr. Bach was also a homeopath and that his idea of a simple healing system emanated precisely from his experiences with homeopathy. In his works, and in particular in Ye Suffer from Yourselves, he wrote about homeopathy. He repeatedly mentioned Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. Even Dr. Bach’s collaborator, Nora Weeks, in her biography of Dr. Bach, chose Dr. Hahnemann’s quote as an introductory quote for the book. Dr. Bach also practised homeopathy in one part of his life. Today, I practise it too. It is complementary to Bach flower remedies, so it is a part of this story of mine that cannot be omitted. But, except for my introduction, the rest of the book is dedicated exclusively to Bach flower remedies.

Some useful quotes from my introduction:

• I am aware that there is time, location and financial constraints that prevent all those people I need to teach from coming to me. So I concluded that I would more easily reach all those who want to learn and read about these topics if I wrote a book. And that’s why I wrote this book in both Croatian and English – to make it available to anyone who needs to read it.

• I believe that by reading this book, you will, somewhere, find help and a solution for yourself. This is a system that is simple and unobtrusive, and yet it is there to turn your life around for the better, to save you, to get you back into balance and to help you find yourself.

• I have tried to write a book with which I would remove all your doubts regarding choosing remedies, and which would provide many examples and comparisons of similar remedies. At the same time, this book aims to help those who will embark on the path of Bach practitioners and teachers, or are already working with clients.

About Author:

Ana Klikovac is a homeopath from Zagreb, Croatia. She completed her education on Bach flower remedies at The Bach Centre in England, where she is a registered practitioner (BFRP). She is also a licenced teacher for Bach flower remedies and is teaching Level 1 and Level 2 courses in Croatia, approved by The Bach Centre. She is a faculty member and representative of The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy of Dr. Rajan Sankaran, in India.


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