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Augmented Textbook of Homoeopathic Pharmacy – 3rd Revised Edition

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This book is a complete package of concepts of pharmacy that a homeopathy student requires to know. It takes its readers on a journey through the subject of pharmacy starting from the fundamentals through the developments, scope and research in the field.

The book has been designed to suit the needs of a homeopathy student- It is divided into sections for easy reference. Each chapter provides elaborate and updated information both theoretical and practical and has been fortified with images, tables and charts to help the student grasp the concepts of pharmacy


The oldest and the most read book of homoeopathic pharmacy, giving complete information, making it easier for the students and practitioners to utilise it without much hassle

• Augmented work of Dr Banerjee compiled as per the CCH syllabus, including introduction, illustrations, mechanism, tables, development, scope and research in pharmacy, as stated in the Pharmacopoeias.

• Arrangement of the chapters in a systematic manner under the respective sections.

• Addition of several new chapters in the updated edition, such as Hospital Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmaco-vigilance and Adverse Drug Reaction, and many more topics in different chapters.

• Addition of a few important short questions with answers in the appendix

The most important, the information in all the chapters under each section has been updated and elaborated, such as the sections on “Introduction to Pharmacy”, “Laboratory”, “Principles”, Pharmacognosy”, etc.


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