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A Repertory Based On Allen’S Key Notes And Nash’S Leaders With Relationship

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Allen’s Keynotes and Nash’s Leaders are few of those books which any person who claims to be a homoeopathic student is ought to read. This book “A Repertory based on Allen’s Keynotes and Nash’s Leaders” is a compilation of the above mentioned books and has been presented in the form of a repertory. It includes a section on the relationship of remedies which makes it easy for the physician to distinguish between the closely related remedies.


? A Keynote Repertory Of Materia Medica – Reprint Edition – 1995

? A Repertory Based On Allen’s Key Notes And Nash’s Leaders – 2005

? Reprint edition – 2007

Source books-

The repertory is based on Keynotes and Characteristics with Comparisons by ALLEN H. C. & Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics by E.B NASH.

There are no separate chapters for aggravations & ameliorations. General aggravations & ameliorations are in the chapter Generalities. Particulars will be found in different sections.

There are 40 chapters where the chapters are arranged in alphabetical order.

Rubrics are arranged in alphabetical order. Rubrics are represented in BOLD CAPITALS (first word) followed by ordinary roman letters. Sub rubrics & Sub sub rubrics are represented in ordinary roman letters.

Medicines are given after the rubrics. Medicines are given in three gradations.

? Bold Roman – 3 mark

? Italics – 2 mark

? Ordinary – 1 mark

Synonyms are given after the rubric in brackets with the prefix See.

Cross-references are also given after the rubrics in brackets with the prefix- See.

In Rubrics in between medicines modifications are given in brackets

Sub rubrics are given under rubric after an indentation. Sub-sub rubrics are given under sub rubrics after an Indentation.

Relationship of Remedies

It includes relationship of remedies given in a tabular form. It consists of complementary, follows well, and followed by, antidote, inimical, incompatible, similar & common remedies. Relationship part contains 173 medicines.


? Precise & compact

? Relationship of remedies in tabular form

? Alphabetical order , so easy to find symptoms

? Remedy abbreviations given to avoid confusion.

? Easy to use at the bedside

A worthy book, an outcome of a herculean task. A ready reference tool for the students and practitioners. This makes the usage of this book more practical and user friendly. It can therefore be used as a ready reference material by the students and the physicians as well.


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